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About LevelUP for Institutions 
Innovative, Cost-Effective Professional Development for Your Team.

Why reinvent the wheel? Incorporate SRAI's LevelUP Micro-credentialing modules seamlessly into your current training and development program! This program has been designed to provide a superior training platform for onboarding new employees, developing a knowledge base for employees with partial roles in research administration, and to assist seasoned professionals in acquiring skills in new areas and maintaining excellence in their current responsibilities. 

The LevelUP curriculum has been developed for research administrators, by research administrators and the program is overseen by the Council for Integrity and Quality Control to meet rigorous standards. Use SRAI's LevelUP to keep your team sharp and you’ll never hear them say they don’t know again!

LevelUP Your Team 

Cost-effective training that seamlessly integrates with your professional development program. 

 Robust library of real-world projects from industry experts

Onboarding tool for new employees

 Easily incorporated into internal training and development programs 

 CEU credit for each module completed 

When we began working remotely, we began to use the modules as part of our onboarding for new staff. LevelUP has made onboarding much easier for new staff members to connect how we do things to the most critical reason "why," we do what we do. I strongly recommend you consider incorporating LevelUP in your onboarding process; it's well worth the cost.

- Gloria Greene, Assistant Vice President Contracts & Grants

We’re here to help! If you want a custom LevelUP package or materials to roll LevelUP out to your staff, please contact Evan Roberts, Executive Director at eroberts@srainternational.org for more information.