About mGuides
Apply the Skills You Need Today. 

Check our SRAI’s latest LevelUP online learning tool: LevelUP mGuides!

mGuides are a series of online tools designed to teach current, essential skills focused on very specific topics. Each mGuide provides learners with:

              • Step-by-step guidance on specific responsibilities within research administration 
              • Content that can be completed in an hour or less 
              • Links to complimentary materials 

Each mGuide topic has been refined to present only the most relevant information to help you navigate research administration challenges quickly and efficiently. 

As proof of your proficiency and commitment to excellence, you will receive a digital badge for each mGuide you complete and the appropriate CEU credit(s). The badges are lasting digital celebrations of your accomplishments and can be shared through LinkedIn and on email. 

Learn more about our latest mGuide catalog releases:

LevelUP with mGuides 

The mGuide courses are part of the overall LevelUP Micro-credentialing program. The completion of three mGuides is equivalent to completing one LevelUP module.