LevelUP Micro-credentialing Program

LevelUP Micro-credential Program Council and Volunteers
A Special Thanks to All that Make LevelUP Possible!

Micro-credentialing Council

Jeff Cheek, Council Chair, President and CEO, The Research Foundation for SUNY
Kim Carter, Assistant Vice President for Research, Executive Director, Office of Sponsored Projects Administration, University of Kentucky
Rebecca Claycamp, Chief Grants Management Officer, National Institute of Mental Health
Marcia Landen, Associate Vice President for Research, University of Southern Mississippi
Tim Linker, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research Administration, North Carolina A & T State University
Sally Rockey, Executive Director, Foundation for Food and Agriculture
Evan Roberts, Executive Director, Society of Research Administrators International
Amy Sikalis, Director Research and Science, University of Utah, Radiology and Imaging Research

Micro-credentialing Founding Task Force

Kim Carter
Mark Hochman
Devin Kreuger
Sandra Nordahl
Evan Roberts
Gayle Walters
Susan Wyatt Sedwick

Subject Matter Experts

Principles in Research Development

Michelle Gehring Sauer
Courtney Hunt
Vanessa Wright
Allison Pearks
Angela Beeler
Karin Scarpinato

Principles in Pre-Award Research Administration

Gia Boersema
Stephanie Endy
Moira McAndrews
Evan Roberts
Bob Sullivan
Annelies Welsh

Principles of Post-Award Financial Research Administration 

Angela (Sherman) Behrend
Andrea Deaton
Dominic Esposito 
Jason Guilbeault
Rene Hearns
Dara Little 
Kate McCormick 
Lamar Ogelsby
Lynda Olin
Evan Roberts
Shacey Temperly 

Principles in Proposal Development

Michelle Gehring Sauer
Courtney Hunt
Vanessa Wright
Allison Pearks
Angela Beeler
Karin Scarpinato

Relationships, Roles, and Responsibilities in Research Administration

Rebecca Claycamp

Introduction to Clinical Research Management: Clinical Studies and Trials 

Kristina Knapp
Amy Sikalis
Kevin Titus 

Principles of Award Negotiation and Set-up

Tim Linker
Edward McKoy
Sandra Nordahl
Evan Roberts
Bruce Steinert
Susan Wyatt Sedwick

Research Compliance Frameworks

Debra Schaller-Demers

Question Writers

Theresa Caban
Andrea Deaton
Tonya Edvalson
Jean Gatewood
Courtney Hunt
Kimberly Jones Ross

Mir Khan
Leslie Levine
Diane Marbury
Lynda Olin
Debbie Pettitt
Kimberly Read

Carlotta Rodriguez
Jessica Rowell
Karin Scarpianto
Catherine Seay Ostrowski
Fran Stephens
Stephanie Swann

Institutions Who Have Participated in External Beta Testing

Johns Hopkins University
Northern Illinois University 
Oklahoma University
Temple University
University of Alabama - Huntsville
University of Kentucky