Cohort 3 of the JRA Author Fellowship Program has officially begun

by on Thursday, March 7, 2019

Authored by Simon Kerridge
Member, JRA Author Fellowship Program Committee
University of Kent


Cohort 3 of the Journal of Research Administration (JRA) Author Fellowship Program (AFP) has begun. The fellowships run for six months from mid-January to mid-July, and each fellow is paired with an experienced peer advisor in order to help increase their confidence and capacity to author a peer-reviewed article in the field of research management and administration.

The eight Fellow – Peer Advisor parings for cohort 3 are:

To help kick-start the fellowships this year, we have introduced online presentations to help guide the Fellows and their Peer Advisors through the program. Professor Cliff Studman (one of our long-standing Peer Advisors) has led the development of a series of four audio-visual presentations to help them in “Writing Successful Research Papers”. While they have been developed specifically with the AFP Fellows in mind, there is a host of useful information that others interested in academic writing are likely to find useful. The goals of the four presentations are:

  • Part 1:  To provide a guide for the Fellows of the JRA Author Fellowship Program (AFP), and to explain the role of the Peer Advisor
  • Part 2:  To provide helpful practical advice on writing a paper
  • Part 3:  To explain the structure of a research paper 
  • Part 4:  To describe the procedures involved that enable you to get a paper refereed and published.

All four are freely available on the SRAI website at If you do decide to take a look, please do let us know what you think and how they could be improved. Cohort 4 will thank you for it!

Author Fellowship Program Committee

Amy Cuhel-Schuckers, Chair (Franklin & Marshall College; JRA Editorial Board
Deborah B. Derrick, University of Nebraska, Omaha; JRA Editorial Board
Carson Harrod, Praedicare Laboratories; JRA Editorial Board
Simon Kerridge, University of Kent; immediate past chair, ARMA