Author Fellowship Program

JRA Author Fellowship Program in Brief

The goal of the JRA Author Fellowship Program is to increase the confidence, capacity, and willingness of research administrators to serve the field and share their expertise as peer-reviewed or refereed journal authors. Prospective authors (Fellows) are paired with published Peer Advisors for a six- to nine-month supportive fellowship.

History. Developed in 2016 by members of the JRA Editorial Board for SRAI members, three cohorts have completed the program (Cohort 1 – 2017; Cohort 2 – 2018; Cohort 3 – 2019), and the fourth one underway. As part of an inter-institutional partnership, from Cohort 2 ARMA members could also participate. Guidance for prospective authors (available here) was developed in 2019, and updated in 2020 by Dr. Cliff Studman, Peer Advisor and Distinguished Faculty member.

Advance Preparation.
Look here to find:

  • A four-part series on Writing Successful Research Papers developed by Dr. Cliff Studman, a long-term Peer Advisor with the Author Fellowship Program.
  • An early stage webinar focused on "A Scholarly Writing Platform for Research Administrators"
  • Guidelines that are good to review, even by early stage prospective authors: Author Guidelines; Article Template; Author Agreement.

Cohort 5

Submit your application

Deadline: Friday, November 20, 2020

Author Fellow applicants must be a member of the Society of Research Administrators International (SRAI) or of the Association of Research Managers and Administrators (ARMA).

Important Dates:

  • September 15, 2020 – Application Period Opens
  • November 20, 2020 - Applications Due
  • First week of January 2021 – Selection Complete
  • January 15, 2021 – Notification to Applicants
  • February 1, 2021 – Cohort 5 Begins

Prospective Authors New to the Publishing Experience

Have you thought about writing an article for the Journal of Research Administration (JRA) but didn’t know where to begin? JRA’s Author Fellowship Program can help. The program pairs budding writers with published authors who will provide assistance for six (6) months on:

  • developing a literature review in support of a proposed topic; and/or
  • expanding an article proposal to a complete draft.

To be eligible to be a Fellow, you must be a SRAI or ARMA member. To apply to be a Fellow, complete the online application form. If you have any questions, please contact Nathan Vanderford, Editor-in-Chief, JRA.  

Published Authors Willing to Provide Guidance for Writers

Submit your application here

Are you a published author who wants to share your expertise with aspiring authors and make a contribution to the research administration profession? We are looking for Peer Advisors who have published at least one peer-reviewed article to support Fellows by advising on:

  • literature review sources;
  • overall structure and content of an article proposal or a complete draft; and/or
  • response to reviewer comments.

Fellow Peer Advisors are not expected to serve as proofreaders or copy editors. Peer Advisors should be willing to commit one to four hours per month during the fellowship period, which will span six (6) months, depending on the level of assistance requested by the Fellow.

To apply to be a Fellow Peer Advisor, you have to be a member of SRAI or ARMA, and complete the online application form (coming soon). If you have any questions, please contact Nathan Vanderford, Editor-in-Chief, JRA.  

Meet Cohort 4 Fellows (and their Peer Advisors)

Lisa Boyce, PhD (UK)

Head, Research Pre-Award
University of Surrey

Peer Advisor: Doug Mounce, Grants & Contracts Manager, University of Washington Cancer Vaccine Institute, University of Washington (USA)


Lauren Causey, PhD , CRA (USA)

Manager of Sponsored Research
Augsburg University

Peer Advisor: Cliff Studman, PhD, Professor of Research, St. John’s University of Tanzania, Tanzania/New Zealand


Angela White-Jones, PhD  (USA)

Lecturer, Program Director
University of Central Florida

Peer Advisor: Jen Fensome, PhD, Director of Research & Enterprise at Loughborough University, Bletchley, Milton Keynes (UK)


Carla DeMarco (Canada)

Research Communications & Grants Manager
University of Toronto Mississauga

Peer Advisor: Holly Zink, MSA, ACRP-CPDepartment of Surgery, Medical Research Writer, University of Kansas Medical Center (USA)


Julie Renkas, MPA CRA (USA)

Grants Administrator II,
College of Charleston

Peer Advisor: Kirsten Levy, MBA, Retired. Former Admin Manager/Senior Research Administrator; Boston University, Boston, MA (USA)

Elizabeth (Beth) Kingsley, CRA (USA)

Grants Contract Manager
Denver Health and Hospital Authority

Peer Advisor: Angela Silva, PhD (Multicare Health System), Research Project Manager, MultiCare Health System, WA (USA)

Annemarie (Annie) Roussy, CRA, MBA (USA)

Lead Financial Analyst
Smithsonian Institution

Peer Advisor: Michael Owen, PhD, Professor & Dean, Brock University, Ontario, Canada

Meet Cohort 3 Fellows (and their Peer Advisors)

Allen Muyaama Mukhwana

Allen Muyaama Mukhwana, MBA (Kenya)

Research Systems Manager
The African Academy of Sciences 

Peer Advisor: Angela Silva, PhD, Research Project Manager, MultiCare Health System. Washington

Shanta Layton, BS. (USA).

Shanta Layton, BS (USA)

Director of Research Administration
Children’s Hospital. Michigan

Peer Advisor: Kirsten Levy, MBA. (USA). Boston University (retired) The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia/Wilmington University

Rommany Jenkins, PhD. (UK)

Rommany Jenkins, PhD (UK)

EU & International Research Funding Officer
University of Birmingham, United Kingdom

Peer Advisor: Doug Mounce (USA), Grants & Contracts Manager, Cancer Research and Biostatistics, Seattle, Washington

Rachel Goff-Albritton, PhD. (USA

Rachel Goff-Albritton, PhD (USA)

Research Development & Training Specialist
Florida State University.

Peer Advisor: Philip Cola, PhD (USA), Associate Professor of Management, Case Western Reserve University, Ohio

Kerin Alfaro, ME Candidate. (USA).

Kerin Alfaro, ME Candidate (USA)

Senior Research Administrator
The University of Southern California, California

Peer Advisor: Jessica Donley, MMT (USA) Appalachian State University, North Carolina.

Deborah Clark, MS (USA

Deborah Clark, MS (USA)

Research Officer
Central Michigan University, Michigan

Peer Advisor: Rani Muthukrishnan, PhD (USA), Director, Research Protections, Villanova University. Pennsylvania

Kay Cunningham, PhD. (UK)

Kay Cunningham, PhD (UK)

Research Support Manager
The University of Sheffield, United Kingdom

Peer Advisor: Cliff Studman, PhD (NZ), Professor of Research, SRAI Distinguished Faculty, New Zealand

Meet Cohort 2 Fellows (and their Peer Advisors)

Tonya Edvaison

Tonya Edvalson, USA

Clinical Research Compliance Officer
University of Utah

Peer Advisor: Kristen Levy, USA, Boston University

Patrice Martin

Patrice Martin, USA

Sponsored Project Officer
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia/Wilmington University

Peer Advisor: Dr. Louise Maythorne, UK, Bath Spa University

Dr. Caroline Ang

Dr. Caroline Ang, UK

Research Development Manager
University of Bath

Peer Advisor: Doug Mounce, USA, Cancer Research and Biostatistics (CRAB) 

Alison Hay

Alison Hay, UK

Research Developer
The Glasgow School of Art

Peer Advisor: Dr. Simon Kerridge, UK, University of Kent


Adrienne Dumke, USA

Conflict of Interest Specialist
University of Louisville

Peer Advisor: Dr. Phillip Cola, USA, Case Western Reserve University

Dr.Rosita Tormala-Nita

Dr. Rosita Tormala-Nita, USA

Grants Assistant
Marquette University

Peer Advisor: Dr. Julie Bayley, UK, University of Lincoln


Dr. David Young, UK

Research Funding and Police Manager
Northumbia University

Peer Advisor: Dr. Diane Gavin, UK, University of Phoenix 

Meet Cohort 1 Fellows (and their Peer Advisors)

Sikirat Tijani, USA

Anne & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital 

Peer Advisor: Diane Gavin, USA, University of Phoenix School of Advanced Studies

Angela J. Silva, USA

Multicare Health System 

Peer Advisor: Alicen Nickson, UK, Brunel University 

Tania Johnson, USA

Swarthmore College

Peer Advisor: Cliff Studman, TZA, St. John's University of Tanzania

Tess Powers, USA

Colorado College

Peer Advisor: Doug Mounce, USA, Cancer Research and Biostatics (CRAB)

Paul Martinez, USA

University of California, Berkeley 

Peer Advisor: Simon P. Philbin, UK, Imperial College London 

Veronica Williams, USA

Henry Ford Health System 

Peer Advisor: Kirsten Levy, USA, Boston University