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Whether you are an aspiring writer or a more experienced and published author, SRA International encourages you to submit manuscripts for potential publication in the Journal of Research Administration.

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The following three links include important information. The first contains the Author Guidelines including manuscript requirements for style, formatting, references, etc. The second is a template that can be used as an outline to structure your article. The template incorporates the requirements found in the Author Guidelines. Finally, the Author Agreement, which is required for submission.

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On-demand Webinar: A Scholarly Writing Platform for Research Administrators

Focus on teaching participants the importance of scholarly writing and it will provide a “how to” for participants to understand how to contribute to the JRA by sharing their knowledge and experience through a publication in the Journal.

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Writing Successful Research Papers  (4 Parts Presentation)

Join Cliff Studman in this series of four online presentations on How to write a paper. While the presentations are created for AFP author fellows and authors, the materials are a good start for any potential author as the presentations provide:  
  • Part 1: A guide for the Fellows of the JRA AFP 
  • Part 2: Helpful practical advice on writing a paper
  • Part 3: Explanation of the structure of a research paper
  • Part 4: Description of the procedures involved to get a paper refereed and published. 
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Rod Rose Award

The Rod Rose award was established in 1973. The award is presented annually to the author of the article judged by the Editorial Review Board as the most outstanding contribution to that year's volume of the SRA International Journal of Research Administration.

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