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The Secret Life of a Research Administrator | Doing Something Scary Changed My Perspective

Authored by Tonya K. Edvalson Clinical Research Compliance Officer University of Utah & Membership Committee Chair A friend of mine once told me that I should do something every day that scares me. Speaking in public used to scare me. I am doing that thanks in large part to the...

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LevelUP, a New Horizon in Professional Development Brought to You by SRAI

Authored by Evan Roberts on behalf of the Micro-credentialing Task Force CEO SRA International Identifying, developing and maintaining the foundational skills to be a successful research administrator can be challenging. Early in our careers, we are reminded daily of the things we had yet to...

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The Role of a Research Development Professional in Team Science

Authored by Courtney Hunt , PhD Research Manager University of Houston It is a tough time to be an academic researcher. The number of new doctoral degrees awarded annually continues to increase; federal funding for research projects has gotten tighter and more competitive, and research...

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The Secret Life of a Research Administrator

Authored by Paul A. Brouillette Grant Administrator McLean Hospital This month, we are launching a new column called “The Secret Life of a Research Administrator” to facilitate more personal connections between SRAI members through the Catalyst newsletter. Since I was an enthusiastic...

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Leave your heart in this City by the Bay for the 2019 Annual Meeting

The 2019 SRAI Annual Meeting Committee chairs look forward to welcoming you to San Francisco, where, as Tony Bennet once sang, you will leave your heart in this City by the Bay . Aside from a great meeting, there is so much to do that if you can, plan on spending extra time. San Francisco...

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Meet SRAI Leadership: Journal of Research Administration

Authored by Nathan L. Vanderford, Jennifer Taylor & Holy Zink In each monthly issue of the Catalyst, the “Meet SRAI Leadership” column introduces you to the SRAI leadership, committee members and volunteers. This virtual platform serves as a good starting base for meeting the members of...

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Note from the Editor | Humor in the Workplace

Authored by: Seema Dhindaw Assistant Director of Radiology Research Operations New York University Langone Medical Center After April Fools’ Day we decided to explore some more fun at the workplace. Did you know that April Fool’s Day was also called All Fools’ Day and is celebrated by...

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View from the Top | In the World of Ordinary Mortals, Research Administrators Are Superheroes

Authored by: Kim C. Carter SRAI President University of Kentucky As a child who loved to read and had a vivid imagination, I was fascinated with superheroes. I wanted to be just like Superman and fly across the sky and like Batman who had so many cool gadgets to play with. Most of all,...