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Perseverance Pays Off

By SRAI News posted 01-09-2019 12:00 AM


Authored by Jason Claes
Assistant Director - SRS Accounting
University of Cincinnati

photo_2017.jpgIt is with great joy and enthusiasm to know that with a little encouragement, two staff members from the University of Cincinnati has now joined the great honor of being called Certified Research Administrator (CRA) certified as of this week. After contemplating several years the importance of what this designation means while working in their respective fields of research administration, they finally made the commitment to study for the exam which occurred this past November. With support from the university leadership, I was able to assist these two by developing an internal course based on relevant subject matter in order for them to prepare for the exam.

Over the course of thirteen months, subject matter experts in areas such as Human Subject and Animal protocol, Financial Management, and Export Control were brought in to conduct an hour long lecture in order to help facilitate subject material in aid for setting for the exam. Though a classroom style environment was provided, practice exams were administered with addition to the purchase of study materials and participating in the CRA Body of Knowledge course work, it was the perseverance and drive of the two that made their preparation all worth it. By the passing of their exams, they have now set the bar for others to follow and be embolden to work towards their designation to be a proud member of the CRA group.

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