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Providing Administrative Research Training for Everyone!

By SRAI News posted 01-10-2019 12:00 AM


In a series of articles, we will present the newest in research administration from the Journal of Research Administration. Read the full JRA here.

Authors: Rebecca J. Youmans DeMoss, MBA, CRA, Kristina Oberly, MS, CRA, Megan D. Cross, MBA, Jacquelyn J. K. Torres,  Teri J. Behnke, Kristin M. Poole, CRA, Kaitlyn Marshall, William J. Messics, and Cynthia L. Shaw, University of Michigan

As such, bridging the gap between research and administration for faculty is crucial, particularly given the importance of research administration in submitting competitive proposals, securing and appropriately managing funding, and complying with policy at multiple governing levels. While research on faculty training/onboarding specific to research administration is lacking, various studies indicate faculty are overwhelmed by the administrative burden of research and are looking for more support in the grant submission process (Wimsatt et al., 2009; Cole, 2007). Additionally, faculty can feel restricted and laden by the many policies surrounding research at every level (Cole, 2007). At an institution like the University of Michigan, existing resources and support is likely not the issue, as a robust, extensive research administration infrastructure is in place at many large research institutions. In order to bridge the research administration gap for faculty, programs like the one detailed in this article could be the solution to alleviating any perceived burden by helping faculty better navigate the resources and support available to them and better understand the need for compliance in research.

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