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Humor in the Workplace- The Hidden Gem

By SRAI News posted 05-02-2019 03:40 PM


Dominique Gambino

Authored by: Dominique GambinoCRA
Post Award Grants and Contracts Administrator
University of Detroit Mercy

I am fortunate to work in a department where the humor comes as naturally as breathing. Whether it be a shared personal story, busting out a movie quote or song, or simply a silly face or giggle at the absurd, humor is key to the Finance Team’s sanity. It is difficult to pinpoint one specific story to share, but one particular event stands out. 

Last year, during an especially brutal month end closing, the shared spreadsheet used by employees to track tasks associated with month end close disappeared. The spreadsheet itself was there but it was blank. It opened to nothing but the startling brightness of white. There was a wave of confused mumbles that morning as various employees opened the spreadsheet. This situation was especially rattling to the new employee on the floor who happened to be in the spreadsheet, finger on the mouse clicker when this whiteout occurred. 

The team quickly rebounded by using a temporary spreadsheet. Month close continued. When all was said and done, ITS informed the department that the data on the spreadsheet was not lost. It had been hidden. The resulting emails were priceless.