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View from the Top | LevelUP

By SRAI News posted 09-11-2019 07:24 PM

Authored by Mark B. Hochman, PhD
Research Management Resources
Chair Micro-credentialing Task Force
Evan Roberts
Executive Director

By now you may have realized that SRAI is about to embark on the first step of perhaps its most ambitious project ever – the release on October 1 of the first modules in LevelUP – an online, just-in-time, learning program delivering research administration content direct to the desktop! These self-paced learning modules, with built-in assessment mechanisms and covering the wide gamut of topics that encompass our profession, will enable learners to gain digital badges, progressing through five levels to receive a platinum micro-credential.

Where did it all begin? Well, by now you would have all heard the phrase that “none of us went to school saying, "I want to be a research administrator when I grow up!” We all fall into this profession and discover that it’s exciting, challenging and (usually) very fulfilling. Most of our learning is “on the job”, self-taught, or comes from asking others. So in September 2017, an SRAI Task Force comprised of Kim C. Carter, Mark Hochman, Devin Kreuger, Sandra Nordahl, Susan Wyatt Sedwick, and Gayle Walters, and very ably supported by Ellen Quinn, sat around the SRAI boardroom table and mapped out a framework of knowledge needed by those new to research administration. Two years on, with substantial input from the (then) new SRAI Managing Director, Evan Roberts and more than 100 volunteers, we have written substantive courses, ranging in length from 3-6 hours, for over 15 different topics. Our initial release in October 2019 will include 6 modules, with additional modules planned for release in the following months.

I’m sure you’ve all heard the old adage that “anything worth doing is worth doing well,” and LevelUP has been worth doing well –designed to engage learners while building professional skills and capacity. This accessible, innovative program benefits professionals, their teams, and their organizations by building capacity, confidence, and communication skills. Additionally, the nano-degrees received are a visible representation to the professional community of the learners’ skills and dedication to excellence, something bound to stand out during annual evaluations and future interviews as your career advances.  Please keep your eyes and antennas tuned as more information is released on this groundbreaking learning service and thank you for your continued support of SRAI and excellence in research administration!