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LevelUP: Greetings SRAI!

By SRAI News posted 10-17-2019 01:13 PM


LevelUP: Greetings SRAI!

As we all know, funding is getting more competitive and the application process is more intricate and nuanced than ever before. Researchers and administrators must be more creative and rigorous to remain viable. Sponsors are increasingly pushing for collaborative research to address complex questions. Thus, many institutions have created and refined Research Development and Proposal Development offices and personnel to build vital infrastructure to support and enable researchers to be as productive and successful as possible. Now, how do we make these offices and professionals as effective and successful as well? Over the last year, we have teamed up with SRAI’s LevelUP Micro-Credentialing team to develop modules for Research Development and Proposal Development.

The Research Development module focuses on the overarching infrastructure, programming, and strategy, whereas the Proposal Development Module dives into the nuances of putting together a competitive proposal.  While these are designed as stand-alone modules, these topics are quite intertwined, and we encourage you to check out both for maximum benefit. Given that most Research Development and Proposal Development training occurs on-the-fly, we felt it was critical to provide baseline knowledge of “what it is”, along with tried-and-true tips of what works and what to watch out for. These modules go beyond definitions and use real-world applications and tips from a host of experts that are active in the industry today. We hope that you enjoy these modules as part of your LevelUp career development.

Authored by: Courtney Hunt, PhD, Research Manager, University of Houston and R. Michelle Sauer Gehring, PhD, ELS, CRA, Senior Research Scientist, University of Texas Health Science Center-Houston