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Why Staff Exchange? Apply for the 2020 RAMP Scholarship

By SRAI News posted 01-15-2020 03:44 PM


Why Staff Exchange? Apply for the 2020 RAMP Scholarship

Research Administrators Mobility Program (RAMP) provides financial support to SRAI members to participate in short-term placements to enhance professional development. The goal of RAMP is to ensure funding for excellent and innovative research administration peer engagement. Opportunities for knowledge exchange through cross-border and cross-sector mobility of research administrators can better prepare SRAI members for current and future societal challenges.

Nana Oye Akuffo*
Research Development Officer
Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research
*2018 RAMP Recipient
The interactions with various sub-units under the office at the host institution exposed me to the hidden fact that most of the challenges being faced by African institutions are also challenges to the foreign institutions. The training was, therefore, an avenue to share ideas and develop realistic strategies for resolving these issues. Opportunities such as the RAMP scholarship is one avenue to partner with Institutions who are advanced in research administration best practices and learn from their success stories. 

Rune Nørgaard Jørgensen

Head of HUM Research Support 
University of Southern Denmark

Research is by definition internationally oriented and researchers naturally move across institutions and country boards to succeed in their work. It is important to have an understanding of the institutional rules and regulations and not least the national culture of the collaboration partners, to be able to assist in the most efficient way – as we all know most extra work and problems occur from miscommunication and lacking knowledge.

Jennifer Freeman

Director Research Services
University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Hosting a research administrator at your institution provides a platform to exchange ideas, compare best practices and help invigorate the operations of your administrative unit. Over the years I have hosted several research administrators from around the world. Not only was it easy to organize a short term visit, the overall experience provided, to all involved, a broader understanding of the global research enterprise, facilitated collaboration and led to the development of new processes and initiatives.

Lisa Mosley

Executive Director, Office of Sponsored Projects
Yale University

The experience of hosting our colleagues from the University of Ghana was a great opportunity for us to share our knowledge and expertise, and to pay it forward to another institution and their staff. Research Administrators hold a passion and core value of using their skill set to advance research. Participating in this program allowed us to exercise that passion outside the confines of our institution. We also established a solid information exchange network that will support and enhance our future collaborations. 

Sandra M. Nordahl

Director, Sponsored Research Contracting and Compliance 
San Diego State University Research Foundation (SRAI Past President)
Exchanging ideas and best practices with colleagues is always beneficial and welcome. One of the primary reasons that I have belonged to SRAI for 36 years is the open, sharing environment of my SRAI colleagues. Exchange programs raise the concept to another level by allowing a longer duration of in-depth information sharing and exploring best practices.



Authored by Heather WintersSolutions Consultant
Cayuse, LLC