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Science and Security: The Ongoing Saga

By SRAI News posted 02-14-2020 09:06 AM


Science and Security: The Ongoing Saga

Scientific research security has been a hot topic since the first letters from NIH went out to about 100 institutions in August 2018. It continues to be front and center in the research integrity and compliance world with many organizations like SRAI, COGR, AAMC, and others leading the charge to help get clarity on what exactly institutions should be doing to educate their research community and protect their institutional brand and resources.

In December, The Catalyst ran an article entitled “Science and Security: What You Should Know”.

Last month in Nashville, TN SRAI held a two-day program, “Science & Security: Facilitating a Compliant and Inclusive Research Environment in the Wake of Foreign Influence Concerns,” presented by Dr. Susan Wyatt Sedwick and Dr. Christa Johnson. It was a sold-out crowd and was even mentioned in the COGR news digest this month:

2/3/20:  Beyond Harvard Prof's Arrest, Increased Scrutiny Over Research Conflicts Sparks 'A Whole Lot Of Anxiety' Federal grant compliance is a hot topic among academics these days. So much so the Society of Research Administrators International launched a two-day training on the subject last week…… "There’s a real clash of cultures between what’s basically the federal police and academics who thrive on the open flow of knowledge," he said. But for now it seems a lot of institutions are left trying to figure out where the balance lies between sharing and protecting what’s theirs.

The AAMC has posted numerous resources on: that are accessible to all.

This conversation has been ongoing in SRAI’s Connect member community too – check it out and join the conversation.

If you are planning to attend the 2020 Southern/Western SRAI Section Meeting in Savannah, GA from March 22-25, check out the session entitled “An Update on the Current Status of Foreign Influence on US Research” given by Dr. Sedwick.

April 20-23, in Philadelphia, PA, at the 2020 Northeast/Midwest SRAI Section Meeting, the Research Integrity certificate is being offered. The workshop on “Introduction to Research Integrity” and the session on “Research Integrity: An Institutional Perspective” will touch on this topic as well.

Stay tuned, as we explore and share our experiences on dealing with the myriad of issues that surface as we all try to stay abreast of the latest regulatory requirements. SRAI will be offering further educational events on this topic later in the year.

Have some insights to share – send them to or post in Connect.

DSD_SRA__2019_headshot.jpgAuthored by Debra Schaller-Demers, Senior Director, Research Outreach and Compliance
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
SRAI President Elect