iSRA Summer Webinar Series

By SRAI News posted 06-15-2020 10:45 AM



iSRA Summer Webinar Series

SRAI is excited to announce the iSRA Summer Webinar Series event to take place in July!

The iSRA Summer Webinar Series will offer webinars almost daily for the month of July, and attendees will be able to purchase an all you can learn pass for the full month. This format gives participants the opportunity to choose their own education and pace. With a purchase of the full pass, you will be able to reserve your spot in hot topic webinars. All of the webinars are presented by speakers from the cancelled Section Meeting in Savannah. This program has been thoughtfully selected by the leadership and program committees of the Southern and Western Sections.

Preview the first week of webinars below, and see the full agenda here!

Wednesday, July 1: The National Institutes of Health from the Post Award Perspective
This webinar will discuss Post Award Management of NIH grants and cooperative agreements, and discuss some of the unique features of awards from NIH/DHHS. The webinar will discuss modular budgets versus R&R budgets, and their implications for re-budgeting during the award stage, the DHHS salary cap, Financial Conflict of Interest compliance requirements, the different types of NIH awards (R01, R21, K01) and their specific requirements. Aspects of the Post Award reporting requirements, prior approval requests, and closeout will also be discussed.

Laura Hefta, Senior Post Award Associate, Virginia Tech

Thursday, July 2: Specialization is Awesome Until it Isn’t: Compliance and Research Operations Can Coordinate
Our research roles in clinical research have become very specialized and it is tempting to isolate ourselves into silos where we don’t see how each one can impact one another, usually because of workload or necessity. This session will look at how clinical research team members from pre-award administrators, clinical research coordinators, research staff managers, to post-award administrators, and everywhere in between should be engaging with each other to ensure that compliance issues are addressed and research participants are protected so that be best outcomes for research are possible.

Tonya Edvalson, Clinical Research Compliance Officer, University of Utah

Monday, July 6: The Power of a Visual Management Board in Research Administration
A Lean Management System embodies a culture of continuously improving customer value and eliminating waste in order to improve efficiency and quality for a customer base. This webinar provides a brief introduction to Lean and a Lean Management System, with a more in-depth focus on visual management boards as a mechanism to improve performance and productivity, and provide systematic accountability. Visual Management Boards can reduce response times and provide staff with the information to identify waste - empowering staff to begin solving problems and improving processes on their own.

Amanda Breeden, Director, Sponsored Programs, Denver Health & Hospital Authority; Leah Emerick, Lean Faciliator, Denver Health

Tuesday, July 7: Best Practices for Effective Leadership
The most effective leaders are professional students. They are endlessly seeking understanding of causes and effects, and how operations can be optimized and help shape their organization and maximize the best their staff has to offer. Leadership can be learned and practiced just like any other business skill set. The panel discussion focuses on best practices for management and leadership, by looking at what works and does not work well for them as leaders within their respective organizations. We will discuss topics such as: Leadership style, How management style impacts teamwork, Do you have a team or players on the team, Differences between Management and Leadership.

Gloria Greene, Director, Office of Sponsored Programs, The University of Alabama in Huntsville; Gina Hedberg, Executive Director, Office of Sponsored Projects Administration, University of South Alabama; Fran Stephens, Director, Pre-Award Services, University of Oklahoma

Take advantage of the opportunity to continue your education in real-time!