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Kudos Korner | Tonya Edvalson

By SRAI News posted 07-09-2020 12:03 PM


Kudos Korner | Tonya Edvalson

SRA International is a professional networking community of learners. One way to gain knowledge and expertise is to share our stories of successful achievements with our peers and colleagues. Often research managers/administrators are cast in the role of promoting, supporting and applauding others. While this may be gratifying in many respects, it is also healthy to have pride in one’s own accomplishments. Kudos Korner offers SRA International members a wonderful and respectful venue for sharing and “bragging.” Have Something to Share in Kudos Korner? Submit your article here.

Transitions/New Position:

Tonya Edvalson, CCRP, CHRC 
OnCore Programs Manager
Center for Clinical Translational Science (CCTS) 
University of Utah
SRAI member since 2010

On May 1, 2020, Tonya Edvalson began her new position as OnCore Programs Manager for the CCTS at the University of Utah. This position will lead the implementation of an enterprise-wide clinical trials management system for the University of Utah. The University is a Top-Tier 1 research university and participates in local, national, and international research. This will allow the institution to coordinate research efforts at an institutional level for strategic planning and reporting. Tonya is excited to leverage her 22-years at the University along with her experience in human subjects research protection, clinical trials research administration, and compliance to lead Utah in this new initiative.

Join us in wishing Tonya much success in this new role!

Authored by Debra Schaller-Demers, MSOM, Senior Director, Research Outreach and Compliance
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
SRAI President Elect

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07-22-2020 11:32 AM

Congratulations Tonya in transitioning to your new role during the pandemic. I can only imagine the additional challenge of doing this while working remotely, as if taking a new role isn't already hard enough!