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Note from the Editor | Stay Healthy, Happy and Uniquely Yourself #InThisTogetherRA

By SRAI News posted 07-09-2020 12:08 PM


Note from the Editor | Stay Healthy, Happy and Uniquely Yourself #InThisTogetherRA

Dear Readers,

This month’s issue of the Catalyst features a very special article by Cary E. Thomas that pays tribute to the beginnings of research administration. Our current research funding avenues, the scientific community, progress, and infrastructure would not have been possible were it not for Vannevar Bush and his publication “Science: The Endless Frontier.” For those of you who aspire to take the CRA exam, this article has some very pertinent information that can serve as a great resource for your studying. 

During present times, we would not be able to work from home, have internet and make progress without the scientific and technological advances that have occurred thanks to the researchers, scientists, and physicians that we support in our profession as administrators. We thank our predecessors and all of you for all your continued effort and support!

As we find ourselves in throes of the ongoing pandemic, and battling the heat of these summer months, we’d like to invite you to share your pictures of your home offices or what your “new normal” looks like if you are easing back into the workplace. We’d also appreciate a quote from you on what gets you going in the morning and keeps you motivated. Please send to the!

Stay tuned for the results of our recent survey of office equipment that you most miss!

Authored by Seema Dhindaw, M.S. Assistant Director of Research Operations, Radiology
New York University Langone Health
Catalyst Co-editor