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Monthly Poll | Pandemic Wisdom While Working Remotely

By SRAI News posted 10-16-2020 11:41 AM


Monthly Poll | Pandemic Wisdom While Working Remotely

Last month I asked you to share your pandemic wisdom, to share with the community some of the ways you are using new-to-you tools to excel at adaptability while working remotely.  One very skilled member of our community responded that they are learning to diagnose their own IT issues while working remotely!  That’s amazing!

Another respondent shared their joy in changing up their Zoom backgrounds to liven up their meetings.  I think that’s a great way to offset the Zoom Gloom so many of us are starting to feel with hours and hours of video meetings back to back.

Yet another respondent shared they were using this extended remote opportunity to get more familiar with Microsoft Teams and found they appreciated how easy it is to share documents on a Teams video call.  My parting wisdom to my previous team was to create a Teams Channel for Hallway Conversations, a place for the newer members of the team to learn from each other and the team lead when they had questions, a digital replacement for being able to overhear conversations that happened in the hallway and reinforced my own learning when I was a newbie.

My last question asked you to share your newly discovered work tools, this question asks you to share new things you’re doing to take care of you as a person.  Self-care has become a buzzword lately.  There are all kinds of Pinterest pins and Instagram memes offering self-care tips and tricks.  And yet, I think many of us still struggle with it, struggle with making the time to take care of ourselves, struggle with finding that activity or restorative action that we can truly call self-care. 

Sometimes self-care means making changes, some small, some not so small.  Sometimes self-care is actually going to that now virtual yoga/meditation/Zumba class you keep meaning to attend.  Am I the only one who thinks maybe self-care is using my newly found lack of commuting time to prep meals from scratch?

What are you doing to take care of yourself in 2020 that you may not have considered doing previously or maybe just didn’t consider self-care before the pandemic?

Authored by Heather Brown, Grants and Contracts Administrator
Duke Human Vaccine Institute