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Monthly Poll | Silver Linings and Resolutions

By SRAI News posted 01-15-2021 04:12 PM


Monthly Poll | Silver Linings and Resolutions

In the November issue of the Catalyst, we asked you to share your silver linings with us.  In a year that has challenged our ability to reframe and revise, it was such an inspiration to read the positive notes that are keeping your spirits bright.

Here are some of the silver linings that were shared with us:

  • Working at home means I get to spend all day every day with my cat Barnaby. He has become a very well-known and popular participant on all my Zoom calls; he actually comes running when he hears the voices at the beginning of a call even when he’s fast asleep somewhere in the house.
  • My son graduated from high school in June and because we had decided that college right after high school wasn’t a good option for him, we haven’t had to endure the stress/anxiety of lost deposits, remote learning, COVID exposure and quarantining.
  • One of the things I am most grateful for is that the pandemic did not happen when my son was younger. I am a single parent and there is no way I would have been able to work at home when he was a toddler, preschooler, in elementary school, or really at any age.
  • Reading The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor a few years ago really helped me to re-frame my mindset and find the good in each day. I know that it has been a difficult year for so many people, from the essential workers to those who lost loved ones, but I feel like the earth was telling us that we needed a reset.
  • 2020 has given me the gift of more time to focus on what is important to me. Work from home has been so good for me. No commute means more sleep and time at home. My husband and I work different schedules so I'm able to see him a little bit more. My breaks include loving on my furry kitty coworkers. My workouts have been longer, which is good mentally as well as physically. I exceeded my Goodreads reading challenge goal. I've read over 100 books this year, compared to 80-some last year. I started and finished a crocheted throw, something I haven't done in a long time. I also have more crochet projects in the works. I've been able to write more, something that has long been a dream but I'm turning into a reality.
  • The silver lining is that I have more time to spend with loved ones and to really enjoy slowing down my usual frenetic pace of life.
  • I am so grateful that I work in higher education. Our mission means that even during rough times we are serving others and shaping the next generation.
  • No commute or traffic, no need to pack a lunch.

Now we turn our eyes toward 2021.  We have many things to help us feel optimistic.  Are you feeling optimistic enough to set goals or resolutions for this new year?  I know that I personally had to revise quite a few of my 2020 goals.  But I still set a few goals for some of the different areas of my life for 2021.

Are you setting goals or resolutions for 2021?


Authored by Heather Brown, Grants and Contracts Administrator
Duke Human Vaccine Institute