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Kudos Korner | Gloria Greene

By SRAI News posted 01-15-2021 04:02 PM


Kudos Korner | Gloria Greene

SRA International members rock! As research management and administration professionals, they never stop improving, learning, achieving, or earning new heights of success. We love sharing good news and offering a well-deserved pat on the back for recent personal and/or professional achievement. In keeping with that sentiment, please join us as we congratulate Gloria Greene on her new position!

SRA International is a professional networking community of learners. One way to gain knowledge and expertise is to share our stories of successful achievements with our peers and colleagues. Often research managers/administrators are cast in the role of promoting, supporting and applauding others. While this may be gratifying in many respects, it is also healthy to have pride in one’s own accomplishments. Kudos Korner offers SRA International members a wonderful and respectful venue for sharing and “bragging.” Have Something to Share in Kudos Korner? Submit your article here.

New Position


Gloria Greene, MA, CRA
Assistant Vice President for Contracts and Grants
The University of Alabama in Huntsville
SRAI member since 2006

Gloria Greene was recently promoted to the new position of Assistant Vice President for Contracts and Grants at The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH).  In this position, she will be responsible for overseeing the departments (Office of Sponsored Programs, Contracts and Grants Accounting, Office of Technology and Commercialization, Research Information Systems, Office of Research Security, and the Office of Proposal Development) that report to the Office of The Vice President for Research & Economic Development at UAH.  She has over 30+ years of contracting experience with Federal, Industry, and University. She has a Masters’ Degree from UAH. Gloria is a Certified Contract Administrator and is an active member of SRAI since 2006. 

Gloria is the co-founder and Past President of the SRAI Alabama/Mississippi Chapter (2011-12), President, SRAI Southern Section (2017), and President, SRAI Southern Section (2020). Gloria currently serves as a SRAI Board of Directors-At Large Board Member; several SRAI committees: Education and Professional Development Committee (EPDC); EPDC-Educational Programming (PROG); Leadership/Professional Development Working Group; Co-Chair Membership Committee, SRAI Catalyst, SRAI Journal of Research Administration, and the Ethics & Compliance Working Group.


Authored by Heather Brown, Grants and Contracts Administrator
Duke Human Vaccine Institute

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01-21-2021 12:57 PM

Congratulations Gloria!  Well deserved.