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Note from the Editor | Connections

By SRAI News posted 03-10-2021 11:32 AM


Note from the Editor | Connections

If there is one underlying theme to our March issue, it’s Connections.  As we hit the year mark for COVID, it’s clear that during this pandemic we as research administrators and managers are making new and different connections with our world. Miriam Campo unveils her secret life as a research administrator in a heart-warming example of making connections to seniors through greeting cards. Tania Johnson shares her professional development experience in a virtual EARMA masterclass.

Cindy Kiel, Simon Kerridge, and Jennifer Shambrook provide a teaser on the Research Administration as a Profession survey 2019 (RAAAP-2), which features a special section on an evolving area of our profession: engagement and impact. The newly announced SRAI-DARMA Partnership will bring us closer together; and, on the regulatory side, Part 3 of the Foreign Influence series touches on improper influences in scientific research.

And importantly, Debra Schaller-Demers, SRAI President, reminds us of the importance of building our support foundations.

All this to say, though we are distant geographically, we can be close through our connections and engagement with others. 


Authored by Terry Campbell, Executive Director, Research Management Services
University of Ottawa
SRAI Catalyst Co-editor