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Odyssey Program’s First Event – Networking and Desert Island Essentials

By SRAI News posted 07-08-2021 09:24 AM


Odyssey Program’s First Event – Networking and Desert Island Essentials

The Odyssey Program has been in full swing for the second year by bringing together SRAI members from all backgrounds and levels of experience through pairing mentors and mentees who are seeking to give and receive mentorship. This year, the Odyssey committee has scheduled additional networking opportunities to allow all mentors and mentees to connect outside of the structured pairings or groups. The first networking activity held on June 21 was a hit with 28 participants! Each pairing and group introduced each other by sharing their professional expertise and a fun fact about themselves. Instantly, bonds were made through common interests and participants offering to help others looking for additional knowledge in a facet of research administration. 

During the event, the group was asked to provide one word that describes their Odyssey experience over the past six months. There was an abundance of responses such as discovering, building relationships, sharing ideas, connection, diversity, inspiring, teaching, guidance, collaboration, and direction. All of these words demonstrate the value and goal of the Odyssey Program, to provide a chance for SRAI members to connect, share each other's knowledge, and grow from one another.  And, as much as we all love research management, when it comes to three essential items to take on a desert island, books, pets and geeky gadgets come first!

The Odyssey Committee is already quickly planning more networking activities for this upcoming fall!


Authored by Katherine Bui, Research Administration Intermediate
University of Michigan
SRAI Odyssey Program Committee Member