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Who Needs Caffeine? I Have SRAI! | by Domenica Pappas

By SRAI News posted 07-28-2021 12:35 PM


Who Needs Caffeine? I Have SRAI! | by Domenica Pappas

Like many of you, I “fell” into research administration. The energy and the excitement of working on my first grant proposal was exhilarating when I was an office coordinator in a research department. I am currently the Assistant Vice Provost for Research at Illinois Institute of Technology. I have been an active member of the Society of Research Administrators International (SRAI) since 1993.

SRAI provides three important pillars, and more, to the research administration community: education, professional development, and mentoring. I have been fortunate to be both an attendee and a presenter at SRAI, with over 25 presentations in various areas. I am proud to say that some of the individuals that I have mentored have also become leaders in SRAI and in their careers. All of this would not have been possible without the unique opportunities provided by SRAI.

During my career as a research administrator, I have worked in areas from pre-award through non-financial post award and compliance. I have worked with faculty, students, and staff throughout my organization and across the country. It has been the educational opportunities that SRAI provided through both section and international meetings, webinars, coffee talks, and more, that allowed me to obtain knowledge and expertise in these areas. I have developed professional relationships that are unmatched. 

Through my current service to the Board, I have learned more about the inner workings of our Society each day. I have been intrigued at both the simplicity, and the complexity of our organization. The same energy and excitement that I found working on my first grant proposal returns time and time again as I get involved with SRAI discussions and developments. I find myself making decisions with my colleagues on the Board for the betterment of our members, our Society.

SRAI has provided me with the stepping stones that has led me to my career today. Serving a second term as an At-Large Board Member will allow me to continue my service to the members and the Society. I look forward to continuing the successes of SRAI.

Authored by Domenica G. Pappas, CRA
Assistant Vice President for Research
Illinois Institute of Technology