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Why I am Running for SRAI President Elect, 2021: Embracing the Opportunity to Think Globally, Embrace Diversity, and Leading Change | by Gloria Greene

By SRAI News posted 07-28-2021 01:19 PM


Why I am Running for SRAI President Elect, 2021: Embracing the Opportunity to Think Globally, Embrace Diversity, and Leading Change | by Gloria Greene

I would like to thank the nominating committee for granting me the opportunity to run for a position on the SRAI Board of Directors. I do not take this opportunity likely. SRAI is an outstanding organization made great by its leadership and the HQ staff that supports its members.

SRAI has a rich history of openly sharing knowledge, techniques, and innovations to serve the research enterprise better. A primary focus on research administration has profoundly impacted institutions both in the US and internationally. The rich heritage of collaboration between institutions, sister societies, federal agencies, and our most valuable partner – our members - is exceptional. SRAI is one of the most diverse and inclusive organizations I have had the honor of being a member of.

Without SRAI, I do not believe that I could have achieved my current career at The University of Alabama in Huntsville. The open-sharing, welcoming and collaborative culture of the Society is what kept me active and engaged. As a new administrator, I was looking for an organization that would provide me with the resources I needed to advance in my field and allow me the opportunity to network and build a reference source of experts in the field of Research Administration. I attended several organization meetings, and it was at my first SRAI meeting, I realized I had found my home. Everyone was engaging and welcoming. I was not a new member; I was a member!

As a member of SRAI, I knew that it was vital for me to get involved, engage with others, share my knowledge and support the Society – which welcomed me with open arms as a peer and colleague. I am the co-founder and second President of the SRAI Alabama-Mississippi Chapter (formerly: Alabama Chapter 2011). I am the SRAI Southern Section, Immediate Past President. I held the position as President twice (2017) and (2020). I’m currently serving my second term on the SRAI Board of Directors as an At-Large Board Member (I was re-elected in 2019). I am the co-chair for both the SRAI Research Ethics and Compliance Working Group and the SRAI Leadership Working Group (2020-2021). I have served on several committees, presented webinars, and assisted members of the profession by sharing my knowledge through collaborative presentations, articles and volunteering. SRAI had instilled in me the desire to help others advance by allowing me to participate when called on or when I volunteer actively.

I believe that SRAI must remain true to its core principle, focusing on the profession and improving upon it by adding tools, educational opportunities, and resources to benefit our members and federal, state, local, and non-profit entities. In addition, we must ensure that SRAI is accessible to all who engage or wants to engage in the research enterprise, no matter the level. I recognize the contribution made to the Society by the previous Presidents, three of which I served under as a member of the Board; and it is my intent if elected to build on the foundation laid by each of them, while at the same time paving the way for those that will come after.

One of our best innovations coming out of SRAI is the LevelUP program. I look forward to seeing LevelUP realize its full potential to develop professionals both domestic and international. I would work with the board members, SRAI HQ staff and leadership, and our members to entrench the Society’s accomplishments over the past years. I would work with members of the Board, SRAI HQ Leadership, and our members to consolidate and maintain the growth in an exceptional early career offering. Most importantly, I will ensure our members are recognized for the contribution they continue to make to SRAI and the sister organizations, for without them, we would not exist. My goal, if elected, is to continue to advance SRAI into becoming the Premier Society we know it can be, with the help of you all, and finally, my primary goal "do no harm."


Authored by Gloria Greene, MA, CRA
Assistant Vice President, Contracts and Grants
The University of Alabama in Huntsville