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Future of the Field: SRAI is Recognizing 41 Rising Stars in this Year’s Inaugural Round

By SRAI News posted 08-11-2021 03:38 PM


Future of the Field: SRAI is Recognizing 41 Rising Stars in this Year’s Inaugural Round

What an exciting turnout we had for the Future of the Field, and what a difficult choice we had to make among so many nominees of excellent research administration professionals.  Those that were chosen to be recognized this year represent the “shiniest” of those rising stars, from all around the US and internationally, and we are very proud to have them as our colleagues, mentors, co-workers and friends.

Zafar Akhtar, The Aga Khan University Mir Khan, The Aga Khan University
Doris Andujar, Ponce Medical School Foundation, Inc. Laura Kingsley, University of Pittsburgh
Lyndal Arceneaux, Texas A&M University Andrea Koeber, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Katie Barens, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Institute Asmita Kumar, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Deborah Bergman, The University of Oklahoma Jill Landrum, The Medical College of Wisconsin
Trisha Brinton, University of Washington Kevin Lewellyn, University of Mississippi
Katherine Bui, University of Michigan Elijah Luebbe, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Kate Carlin, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Michael Marino, Long Island University
Ella Christiansen, Boise State University Tara McLaren, Telethon Kids Institute, Perth Australia
Stacy Conatser, The University of Oklahoma Cynthia Morin, Johns Hopkins University
Amy Cook, Texas Tech University Kacey Nelkin Pedersen, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Theresa Couch, Michigan State University Irene Philip, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Linda Dement, Benaroya Research Institute at Virginia Mason Kimberly Pratt, The Abigail Wexner Research Institute at Nationwide Children's Hospital
Isabella DiFranzo, Cornell University Nicole Quartiero, Oregon State University
David Furman, University of South Alabama Farrell Rapp, University of Wyoming
Tamara Gabrus, University of Central Florida Jessica Rowell, University of Colorado Boulder
Cara Greenlee, Boise State University Veronica Taylor, University of Kentucky
Mary Harrison, Fanshawe College Jaylene Wehipeihana, The University of Auckland
Hannah Holloway, University of California, Berkeley Erin White, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Marchon Jackson, University of Maryland College Park Baron Wolf, University of Kentucky
Jerod Kersey, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

To learn more about the honorees, visit

We sincerely hope that we can have a wonderful turnout at the Annual Meeting in New Orleans of all who participated in Future of the Field, and to help us celebrate the honorees who were selected and will be recognized on-stage at the Award Ceremony Luncheon, Monday, October 25 at 11:30 am.

Once again, thanks to everyone who participated and made this initiative so successful in this inaugural year!


Authored by Karin Knowles, Grant Administrator 
San Francisco State University
SRAI Program Chair, Future of the Field Committee