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Note from the Editor | Problem Solvers

By SRAI News posted 03-09-2022 03:41 PM


Note from the Editor | Problem Solvers

Research Administrators are problem solvers. In our profession we search for answers, often developing a whole list of questions to help us determine the problem that needs to be solved. We are constantly learning and evolving to handle new situations and questions. In fact, when I look at the articles in this month’s Catalyst, problem solving is a common thread for many of them. 

For instance, Jason Claes’ article is a response to our newly started Research Administration Careers column and discusses his method for retaining his staff. Andrea Deaton instructs us on how to teach research administrators to fish, while Yolande Hall and Kimberly Pratt help us understand what design thinking is and how it could aid in solving wicked problems. Additionally, you can look to Marcia Landen for some advice on what she wishes she knew when she started in research administration and to Gloria Greene for reflection on our soft skills

I’m sure I’ve said this before, but our willingness as a profession to learn and work through puzzles is one of my favorite things about our field. If you would like to share any challenges or obstacles you’ve overcome during your time in research administration, we’d love to hear about it at the Catalyst or share on SRAI Connect. Together we can help each other grow and solving puzzles can be more fun when we collaborate.

Authored by Karen Bone, Proposal Administrator
Florida Atlantic University
SRAI Catalyst Co-editor