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Takeaways: Research Administration 2040

By SRAI News posted 04-14-2022 01:25 PM


Takeaways: Research Administration 2040!

One RA’s take from a recent iSession describes how research administration has evolved over the years—going from paper to paperless, office work to work from home, and from transaction-based to integrated data analysis—leading the way to dynamic research administration in the 21st century!! Learn what the trends are and what it takes to remain competitive!

I recently attended the Dec. 14, 2021 Encore iSession, Research Administration 2040: A Path to the Future, presented by Keith Graff and Amy Miarecki. The iSession was packed with valuable knowledge and information on the Research & Development field, funding trends, data analytics and the changing workforce/profession in the post pandemic era.  

Three questions were asked of the group and are good to reflect on as research administration offices strive to grow in the post pandemic era: 

  • Have you experienced a merger/acquisition (entity-wide research/physician group) that has affected your research operations?
  • Looking forward to 2022, how will your work schedule be structured?: a) Fully remote; b) On site one to two days per week; c) On site three to four days per week; d) Fully on site.
  • On average, how many hours per week do you currently work?: a) Less than 40; b) 40 to 50; c) 50 to 60; d) Feels like 168. 

Research administration has been evolving in the last 20 years, going from paper-based systems to submitting proposals and filing sponsor technical, financial reports electronically, and even e-audits. Now with electronic research administration increasing and becoming more effective in the last 10 to 20 years, research administration has finally achieved a level of paperless office operations. I believe this prepared our profession for the pandemic in 2020 and the upcoming post-pandemic era. A test of this new way of working was proven during the total shutdown of in-person research administration operations in 2020. Offices were forced to think outside the box beyond traditional office hours. 

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Authored by Terra M. Dews, MBA, CRA, Senior Grants & Contract Administrator
ODU Research Foundation