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Monthly Poll | Work-Life Balance

By SRAI News posted 05-12-2022 12:52 PM


Monthly Poll | Work-Life Balance

On June 10, our esteemed colleague, Gloria Greene is going to be presenting at the Alabama-Mississippi SRAI Chapter Meeting about Work-Life Balance.  She would appreciate bringing some data into that presentation from you, the membership.  Gloria read this article from the FairyGodBoss and asked Zoe Kaplan’s permission to share it with you.  This month’s poll is a bit different.  We’d like to ask you to follow the link to read the FairyGodBoss article: Answer These 9 Q’s, And We’ll Tell You If Your Work-Life Balance Is Your Problem Or Your Company’s, which includes an assessment.  Once you’ve tallied your responses to the article’s 9 questions, please use the monthly poll to tell us which column you had more responses in.

Authored by Heather Brown, Grants and Contracts Administrator
Duke Human Vaccine Institute

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05-13-2022 10:40 AM

Thank you, I cannot wait to see the results.