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SRAI’s Senior Executive Institute (SEI) Spring Master’s Seminar’s

By SRAI News posted 06-09-2022 10:05 AM


SRAI’s Senior Executive Institute (SEI) Spring Master’s Seminar’s

The Senior Executive Institute (SEI) completed its Spring Master’s Classes.  An incredible journey of exploration with three research executives at the height of their careers, and a cohort of eleven senior research executives/administrators. The overall outcomes of this shared experience were collectively receiving the wisdom of: 1) their respective mastery in the field; 2) their journey to said mastery; and 3) their unique personalities.  

From the insight and information provided, we highlighted three key thoughts or questions from each session as follows: 

From Sally Rockey, Former Executive Director, Foundation for Food & Agriculture Research (FFAR):

  • The qualities of a good RMA
  • Demonstrating and promoting creativity
  • Understanding the effect you have on others 

From  John Westensee, Director of Research Support, Aarhus University 

  • How do you see yourself and how do others see you?
  • How do you build trusting relationships?
  • How do you empower and be empowered? 

From Lynne Chronister, Vice-President for Research and Economic Development, University of South Alabama 

  • Does institutional research size really matter when building experience?
  • What is your strategy for your internal and external network at the Senior Executive level?
  • How do you work through your own perceived doubts? 

There were some strong commonalities across our three Masters, including the importance of networks and relationships, trust, curiosity and creativity, and the use of mentors. 

Lynne Chronister evidenced these traits by sharing what hangs on the walls of her office, a collection that has travelled with her in her leadership positions and has grown – for example, from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. 

By Lewis Carroll illustrated by John Tenniel 

By Lewis Carroll illustrated by John Tenniel 

Want to engage with SEI? Registration is open for the Fall engagement, “Master’s Retreat – Intellectual Advancement for Senior Executives in Research Administration” to be held in person Monday, October 31st (full day) and Tuesday November 1st (half day a.m.), Caesars Palace, Las Vegas Nevada. 

The Senior Executive Institute (SEI) is intended for individuals who have research leadership and management responsibilities for their institutions or parts thereof, to provide them with the opportunity to consider topics to enhance their planning and decision-making.  SEI provides some space for this, for them to hear from experts and to engage with peers. 

And said another way, there are two primary and broad roles of SEI for the Society of Research Administrators International: first, space for research executive leadership engagement/networking; and second, guiding authority on research topics of importance – research governance (strategy, capacity, and innovation) and research leadership (oversight, management, and culture).   

The SEI is co-Chaired by Ian Carter, Director, Carter Research Navigation Ltd and Amy Sikalis, MPA, Director Research and Science, Radiology and Imaging Sciences, University of Utah.

Authored by

Ian Carter, Director
Carter Research Navigation Ltd
SRAI Senior Executive Institute Co-chair

Amy Sikalis, MPA, Director Research and Science, Radiology and Imagine Sciences
University of Utah
SRAI Senior Executive Institute Co-chair