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Monthly Poll | Summer Submissions

By SRAI News posted 07-13-2022 12:58 PM


Monthly Poll | Summer Submissions

Last month we asked a series of questions to learn more about how your institutions support your training. The first question probably seemed like “yes” was the only answer to many of you. But in fact, there was one respondent who said “no,” their institution did not offer initial onboarding training. And while I don’t know who you are, I can imagine your situation. My first job in Research Administration was at a small private university that had just received their first federal grant. I didn’t receive onboarding in RA either. It was a huge part of my job, and I was fortunate that my supervisor was willing to send me to my first RA conference later that first year to learn and bring that learning back to campus. 

There was an even 50-50 split when it came to institutions requiring training after onboarding. At 63%, more than half of respondents said that their institutions financially supported that training after onboarding, and 75% provided access to training through Linked-In-Learning. And while 100% of our members said that their time to complete compliance-related training was considered work-time, 25% of us have to take paid-time off to complete work-related training. 

Ideally, all of our members in that 50% where training after onboarding is required would also be in those populations where their institutions financially support it and the do not have to take vacation time to complete their training. But I’m sure it doesn’t align that perfectly for everyone. For those research administrators who aren’t required to complete additional training and make the choice to become an active part of the training community (and have the financial backing of their employer), we consider you fabulously lucky. 

This month we are thinking about summer vacations, taking some of that paid time off, and the balances that come with that. We at the Catalyst would love to hear your stories about less than traditional locations from which you have submitted a proposal or report. We know you have them! It can be your story or that of your coworkers. Am I the only one who has opened a secure connection between my laptop and phone as a hotspot while sitting in my car so I can submit a proposal on vacation? Maybe what makes the story crazy isn’t just the location, but the conditions. Did you travel through a blizzard to get to the office? Did you take three forms of transportation across town to hand deliver a paper application (yes, I’m showing my age and realize paper applications are shocking to some of you, but it did happen once upon a time)? Tell us your crazy submission story!

Authored by Heather Brown, Grants and Contracts Administrator
Duke Human Vaccine Institute