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Note from the Editor | Summer Reading

By SRAI News posted 07-13-2022 01:02 PM


Note from the Editor | Summer Reading

As I sit here writing this latest Note from the Editor, it’s raining outside – finally. We’ve had a record heat wave lately along with dry conditions, so I spend more time looking out the window than being on the other side of it. With that said, the Catalyst has decided to repeat our Summer Reading List in this issue so you too can hunker down in the air conditioning with a book or read outside if your climate is currently more favorable than mine. 

However, if you are looking for reading something a bit shorter, we have plenty of articles in this month’s issue for your perusal. In particular, I’d like to draw your attention to two articles regarding foreign influence and research security, a topic that is highly relevant to our field and clearly on many of our colleague’s minds. 

Additionally, for those who missed their recent SRAI Coffee Talk, Courtney Hunt and Dhanonjoy Saha discuss what research development is and answer a few questions about the discipline. We also have a few updates on past and upcoming meetings and are continuing the Research Administration Career Series with an article on different types of training

Of course, as I come to my conclusion, the rain has departed, and it’s back to blue skies and fluffy clouds but with a slightly cooler temperature so perhaps I’ll enjoy some time outside after all. Thanks again from me, my fellow co-editor, Terry Campbell, and the Catalyst Committee for reading along with us. Happy Summer!

Authored by Karen Bone, Proposal Administrator
Florida Atlantic University
SRAI Catalyst Co-editor