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A Great Place to Network, Learn, and Grow

By SRAI News posted 07-28-2022 04:13 PM


A Great Place to Network, Learn, and Grow

Like many others in the field of research administration, I sort of just fell into it as a career. My experience has been similar with SRAI over the years. I progressed from doing presentations for Annual/Section meetings to serving as Northeast Section Secretary and then eventually the Northeast Section President. The organization has become instrumental in my professional and personal development and has provided me with an effective way to give back to others trying to learn more in research administration.  

During my experience, I had the opportunity to join many vital committees that are critical to helping the Society run. From working on our Diversity Task Force Committee to understanding how finances work on the Finance and Investment committees, I have learned how SRAI is well run and see some of the complexities involved in meeting members’ needs. Because of these experiences, I continue to want to be more involved in SRAI and am running for the At-Large Board position so I can do more for our members.   

I see some opportunities for SRAI to continue to prepare our membership for a career in research administration. A few examples of how we can serve members are below:

  • Provide more content and resources for members to work better in this new remote working environment.
  • Have content at meetings that can be member-driven and ensure the Society represents the voices of all its members.
  • Look at ways to expand membership with large R1 institutions to smaller organizations with less funding. 

The future of research administration is going to be an exciting and challenging one with all the changes in our field. I believe SRAI is well-positioned to train, educate, and provide networking opportunities to future research administrators. I would like to be a part of that future and look for your support for one of the At-Large Board positions on the ballot this fall. Most of all, I want to be a part of making SRAI continue to be a great place to network, learn, and grow.  

Authored by Marchon Jackson, Assistant Vice President
University of Maryland College Park