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Why I Want to Be a Board Member

By SRAI News posted 07-28-2022 04:13 PM


Why I Want to Be a Board Member

Compared to the number of years many individuals have been with SRAI I am a relative newcomer, having joined SRAI in October 2014. A colleague suggested I attend the SRAI Annual Meeting, so I discussed it with my Chief, and she encouraged me to attend and present. Having never attended a meeting, I was not sure what to expect or even what to do, but when I went to sign in at the registration desk, I was immediately put at ease just by talking with the individuals working the registration desk. I attended the Newcomers Reception and tried to hang out in the back of the room, but other members and HQ staff came and talked to me and encouraged me to join the other newcomers. I left the Newcomer’s meeting feeling much better about my decision to attend this meeting. 

During the meeting, I met a lot of individuals from different institutions and talked to some individuals who had been members of SRAI for 10, 20 or more years. It was then I decided I needed to learn more about this organization and see for myself what SRAI provided that kept members so engaged after so many years of membership. That was the beginning of a new adventure for me and after about eight years, I am still very passionate about SRAI and everything they provide for their members. 

The opportunities to volunteer and be an active member are endless. I have had the opportunity to work the registration desk, be a room monitor, work on various committees, serve as track chairs and eventually became President of a Chapter and then a Section, in addition to the opportunities I have had to present. Serving as an At-Large Board Member will allow me the opportunity to give back to the Society that has given me so much and to share my passion with other members of the Board who have that same passion. 

As we’ve learned over the past two-plus years, things happen and SRAI embraced the changes that were needed to enable the Society to continue to provide the high-quality education and professional development members expect. SRAI will continue to evolve and grow membership by providing the wide diversity of members superior educational opportunities and content by staying abreast of the global regulatory landscape and providing timely education and communication. 

SRAI is not only the premier international resource for excellence in research management, administration, and development of the profession – SRAI is FAMILY.

Authored by Debbie Pettitt, Senior Grants Management Officer
National Institutes of Health