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From the Vault: “Rules” to Live By

By SRAI News posted 08-11-2022 01:15 PM


From the Vault: “Rules” to Live By

For those of our members who may have been drowning in a deluge of emails from a certain popular listserv recently, we at the Catalyst offer you a life vest for the future – two articles from our vault on how to implement filtering rules whether in Outlook or Gmail. By taking the time to set these up, we hope you too can be amused rather than irritated. 

WFH Tips & Tricks | Outlook Rules

This month I’m shifting my focus on how to handle all the emails being received. One handy trick to manage the volume is to utilize the rules feature in Outlook. Click here to read more. 

WFH Tips & Tricks | Rules to Filter Your Emails in Gmail

This month, Gloria Greene has provided instructions and a link for creating rules to filter your emails in Gmail. Click here to read more.

Authored by

Karen Bone, Proposal Administrator
Florida Atlantic University

Gloria Greene, CRA, Assistant Vice President, Contracts & Grants
The University of Alabama in Huntsville