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Monthly Poll | Education and Your Career

By SRAI News posted 09-08-2022 11:38 AM


Monthly Poll | Education and Your Career

We are dedicated to our missions, to helping our investigators submitting their proposals and reports timely and accurately. That dedication can lead us into some unusual locations. Technology has unchained us from our desks and led us into even more comical locations.  We asked you to share your stories and legends with us. 

Wi-Fi signals on trains and planes has made work while in transit more common, but I found recently that my colleagues still were a little surprised to see the Amtrak scenery behind me on Zoom as we discussed the final RPPR details. 

My dear friend and colleague has a great tale of submitting a proposal from his handheld device from the bathroom at Dodger’s stadium with an Investigator in a panic on the line...of course at the last minute. And we received a poll response from a member who shared the telling of a tale as old as time.  

A family vacation to Disney World between Christmas and New Years and an Investigator who didn’t realize the Sponsored Projects office would be closed. The investigator just happened to have the cell phone number and reached the research administrator while she was in line for a popular ride with her family. Not only did this fabulous RA take the call, resolve the issue and submit the proposal on the fly from the streets of the greatest place on Earth...the Disney Cast rewarded her and her family with Fast Passes for the ride. 

So much of our work is deadline driven and those deadlines often feel heavy, stressful and bog us down.  It’s important to enjoy the levity and endeavor to balance the bog as often as possible! 

Our most recent Career Path series article was about Education. And we’d like you to tell us more about your choices regarding your education before or during your RA career. Many of us made our choices about our field of study well before we fell into this career path.  Some of us have been in this career path longer than RA has been a field of study. Do you use your field of study in your daily tasks or does your education benefit you professionally in other ways?

Authored by Heather Brown, Grants and Contracts Administrator
Duke Human Vaccine Institute