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Participant Perspectives: Senior Executive Institute

By SRAI News posted 09-21-2022 12:14 PM


Participant Perspectives: Senior Executive Institute

Senior Executive research leaders need time to think, to plan, and to engage with experts and peers in order to develop and promote innovative ideas within their institutions. The SRAI Senior Executive Institute (SEI) addresses this need. This in-person, two-day session, being held in conjunction with the 2022 Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, includes reflections from senior executives who share their stories about their career progressions, what motivates them, and thoughts on the future of research administration. Participants engage in discussion and debate with the speakers and in small group sessions to identify practical issues and obstacles in their own institutions and strategies on how to address them.

Farida Lada, Chief Campus Compliance Officer in the Office of Ethics and Compliance at the University of California San Francisco, previously attended SEI in-person. The Catalyst’s Trevor Johnson asked her to share her thoughts on the program.   

Trevor Johnson, Catalyst: What led you to register for SEI? 

Farida Lada: At the time, I was in the new role of Associate University Provost for Research Administration and Compliance at City University of New York, and I thought the Senior Executive Institute would be a great place to learn about strategies for facing challenges at this senior level. 

Trevor Johnson, Catalyst: How did SEI help with your career?

Farida Lada: The information I gained and lessons I learned through the sessions and discussions on strategic planning and strategy implementation at an organizational level have stayed with me in all my positions since attending SEI. I always think back at these sessions, the strategic planning and implementation methodologies we discussed and practiced and consider these when facing a challenging situation. 

Trevor Johnson, Catalyst: What was your favorite part of the program?

Farida Lada: Meeting amazing leaders from around the world, learning from them, sharing our common challenges, and discussing different ways of tackling such challenges. 

Trevor Johnson, Catalyst: Is there anything you would say to a person considering registering for the program?

Farida Lada: I have attended many professional development programs, and I would put SEI in the bucket with very few other programs where I learned the most and built lasting professional relationships. I strongly recommend it for senior research leaders. 

SEI will be hosting the Master’s Retreat – Intellectual Advancement for Senior Executives in Research Administration, in-person from October 31 - November 1 at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. 

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Authored by Trevor Johnson, Associate Director
Emory University
SRAI Catalyst Committee