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My Mommy is a Research Administrator!

By SRAI News posted 01-12-2023 08:33 AM


My Mommy is a Research Administrator!

Being an administrator can often feel very much like being a parent; nurturing and caring for faculty as they manage their proposals. The Catalyst spoke with our newest “committee member,” baby Zara, who shared her views on the similarities of motherhood and research administration. 

Dear Mommy, 

It really is great to be here and in this big and mysterious, but exciting world. There’s so much to see and do! So far, you’ve been a great mommy – you feed me, clean me, entertain me, and teach me. And there’s so much to learn! 

One thing I don’t understand is that everyone seems to call you a “research administrator.” I don’t know yet what that is. It sounds like a big, important job. I imagine that you probably do the same things with these “faculty” that you do with me. I am guessing you feed them, clean up after their messes, entertain them, and teach them how to do what it is they do. I’m sure you’re very, very helpful and patient with them. I’m sure you make funny faces at them too, as well as yell at them when they cry too much or too loud. I imagine they keep you up late at night and call you early in the morning too. Gee, it sounds like your job of raising me is very similar to your job of raising them! I hope they are as appreciative as I am and love you as much as I do. If I’ve gotten all this right, then I want to be a “research administrator” too when I grow up! Just like mommy! 

Baby Zara

Authored by Mark Lucas, Chief Administrative Officer
University of California Los Angeles Department of Neurobiology