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View from the Top | The Power of a Thank You!

By SRAI News posted 03-09-2023 09:37 AM


View from the Top | The Power of a Thank You!

One of my favorite books to re-read is The Last Lecture by Dr. Randy Pausch. Pausch's book, inspired by his final Carnegie Mellon University lecture (and co-written by Jeffrey Zaslow), was his final message to the world before his impending death to cancer at a relatively young age. His book offers meaningful life advice, powerful words of wisdom, and a great deal of optimism and hope for humanity. If you pay attention to the Life Lessons throughout the book, you will find subtle hints about the importance of saying thank you. "Inspiration is the ultimate tool for doing good," is one of those subtle hints.

When we say thank you, we are not only being polite but powerful. In the Forbes post, The importance of saying thank you in the workplace, Janet Linly states, "Gratitude is good for your brain.”  In other words, “…the more you appreciate and are thankful for, the more attuned you are to your feelings of well-being and gratefulness." 

To say thank you costs us nothing. Saying thank you spreads happiness and may make a difference in someone's life. Thank you, according to Happiness Coach Gaelle Devins, is a way of slowing things down and appreciating the time and energy others have invested. 

Thank you, SRAI HQ staff, members, and volunteers (presenters and committee chairs), vendors, and senior leadership at our respective institutions. We need everyone's support to do what we do best - educate, engage, and enlighten. 

Let's put a smile on someone's face. Saying thank you can make us all feel better.

Authored by Gloria W. Greene, Assistant Vice President, Contracts & Grants
The University of Alabama at Huntsville
SRAI Board of Directors President