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Where Do You See the Future of Research Administration | Kevin Titus

By SRAI News posted 05-11-2023 12:29 PM


Where Do You See the Future of Research Administration | Kevin Titus

Members of SRAI’s Distinguished Faculty were recently asked where they see the future of research administration. Over the next few months, we will share their insights and observations. 

My very cloudy crystal ball shows that the future of research administration is very bright and moving fast. I see technological advances and a more prevalent use of virtual meetings allowing grant proposal reviews to become quicker and more streamlined. This, in turn, will help agencies make funding decisions more rapidly. I see our industry becoming much more nimble as the world demands faster results and returns on investments. This will require us to become more nimble as well. As we think about relevant recent big events in the research and industrial marketplace, e.g., the speed of COVID vaccines and treatments, the need for faster transitions in microchip manufacturing, and the relatively quick and ongoing shift to electric motors in the automobile industry, we see that the research related to these developments also needed and needs to become swifter. Whether it is the research and development (R&D) departments in industry or research facilities in universities, hospitals and all the other institutions that we are involved in, we will be moving faster, so buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Authored by Kevin Titus
SRAI Distinguished Faculty