Renewal Application Process

2021 Distinguished Faculty Renewal Application Process

Term of Appointment

The term of Distinguished Faculty service will be three (3) years. There are no term limits.

Renewal nomination applications

Status can be renewed by submitting 

  • A renewal form online
  • A current CV/resume and 
  • A list of your subject matter areas of expertise 

Although renewal is every three years, Distinguished Faculty are highly encouraged to notify SRA International of job changes, publications, honors, etc. that occur during their three (3) year term. If for any reason an individual cannot continue to serve and wishes to relinquish his/her Distinguished Faculty status they may do so. This must be done in writing to the SRA International President. 

All past Distinguished Faculty (those whose terms have expired) will be listed on the SRA International website as Distinguished Faculty Emeritus.


Candidates will be notified of acceptance or non-acceptance in writing from SRA International. Renewal status is not automatic.  If a renewal application is denied for any reason, that individual may reapply in a future year, but this will be considered a new nomination, and not a renewal.


If you have any questions or need any assistance with your application, contact Gina Cuevas, Senior Program Coordinator.