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Submit a Speaking Proposal by Friday, November 15, 2019 Midnight, ET

The Society of Research Administrators International is currently looking for informed subject experts to speak at the 2020 Northeast/Midwest Section Meeting at the DoubleTree Center City in Philadelphia. We are seeking speakers who can contribute new insights and/or practices. New and previous speakers are welcomed!

Speaking at an SRA International Section Meeting provides you with an excellent opportunity to share your knowledge and learning experiences, increase your exposure and network with other research administrators and managers from around the world!

Information for the Speaker

How to submit a speaking proposal?

  • Click on "Submit a Speaking Proposal". You are going to be transferred to an external website. Fill out the online form with all of the required information.
  • Click the submit button to finalize your submission.
  • Once submitted, you cannot edit your submission(s). If you want to make any changes before Friday, November 15, 2019, please send an email to Emily Mincey.

What are my responsibilities?

  • Before you start with the online submission process, please review the Submission Guidelines below, SRA International Speaker Guidelines, Format Descriptions, and Track Descriptions.
  • Complete the online speaking proposal submission to conduct a workshop and/or concurrent.
  • Once your proposal is accepted, you will be required to sign and agree to the Submission Guidelines.
  • Update your proposal if needed, add co-speakers and any AV requirements no later than Friday, February 28, 2020, Midnight, ET.
  • Provide a PowerPoint presentation by the deadline. Headquarters to print and distribute workshop handouts to registered attendees and post handouts online for concurrent sessions.

Which certificates are offered in full at the 2020 Northeast/Midwest Section Meeting?

  • Clinical Trials Research Administration (CTRA)
The Clinical Trials Research Administration ("CTRA") Certificate delivers intensive training sessions specifically designed to provide an understanding of the critical elements of successful administration of a clinical trials research program. The program has been redesigned to cover the critical elements of clinical trials management for research administrators and to more effectively integrate with other SRAI certificate offerings.  The redesign maintains the required curriculum which introduces the student to the body of knowledge required to perform as an accomplished clinical trials research administrator.  This certificate covers broad topics that allows for its content to be well integrated with the Research Integrity certificate also offered by SRAI.
The CTRA curriculum examines issues relevant to both National Institutes of Health-sponsored and industry-sponsored clinical trials. Much of the material is explored through experiential learning activities from seasoned research administrators including case studies. Elements of the curriculum include protocol review, recruitment, negotiation of agreements, development and negotiation of budgets, compliance, billing, international studies, and risk management and analysis. These elements, along with other relevant issues, will be presented in a combination of one full-day workshop and seven sessions for completion of the program.  

One (1) full-day workshop and seven (7) concurrent sessions (five (5) required sessions; two (2) elective sessions)

  • Financial Management (FM)
 hen institutions solicit funding from external sponsors to support major functions such as instruction, research, and other sponsored activities, it is integral for organizations to demonstrate adequate resources are available to ensure sound financial management is present as stewards of external financial support. As a result, it is incumbent upon institutions to ensure that its administrative research staff possesses the knowledge, skills, and abilities to execute their responsibilities.
The certificate provides an understanding of the regulatory framework for the direct and indirect costing of sponsored program activity, financial management decision-making and fiscal compliance of sponsored programs. Whether new to the profession or a seasoned administrator who has had significant exposure to the financial management of sponsored research, the certificate offers benefits to all administrative research professionals who are responsible for extending financial support to any pre or post-award activities.

One (1) full-day workshop and eight (8) concurrent sessions (five (5) required sessions; three (3) elective session)
  • Research Integrity (RI)
The certificate provides educational enrichment for those with interests and shared responsibilities associated with ethical dimensions in the conduct of research including research administrators, senior management, executives, and members of compliance review boards (e.g., IRB, IACUC, ESCRO). The certificate program is also recommended for investigators with an interest in addressing NIH and NSF training requirements specific to research ethics education. Participants complete requirements within three years.

One (1) half-day workshop and six (6) concurrent sessions (five (5) required sessions; one (1) elective session)

How long are the presentations?

You could choose between 75-minute concurrent sessions, half- and full-day workshops (held on Sunday before the conference). For more detailed information on formats please review the Format Descriptions page.

Which tracks are going to be offered at the 2020 Northeast/Midwest Section Meeting?

There are six (6) tracks that are offered at the section meeting. For full description please review Track Descriptions.

  • Professional Development (PD)
  • Sponsored Programs, Planning, Development and Deliveries (SP)
  • Management and Operations (MO)
  • Financial and Post-award Administration (FA)
  • Research Ethics and Compliance (RE)
  • Clinical Research (CR)

How many proposals can I submit?

There is no limit on the number of proposals you may submit, however, a speaker cannot present in more than 1 workshop and 2 concurrent sessions.

When will I hear about whether my proposal was accepted?

The proposals are going to be reviewed October-November 2019. Notifications will be sent in December 2019.

Can I make changes to my proposal once I have submitted it?

Yes. Speakers can edit by sending an email to Emily Mincey by the end of the proposal deadline Friday, November 15, 2019, Midnight, ET.

What does SRA International provide?

  • Support the speakers with any questions pertaining to the program and the logistics.
  • Advertise the program, track all program attendance and provide all program registrants with a confirmation e-mail. SRA International will also help respond to e-mail and telephone inquiries about the program.
  • Provide all registrants with continuing education credit hours.
  • Handle all technical aspects of the Annual Meeting. The rooms are going to be equipped with LCD projectors and possible AV requirements per the speaker's request (flip chart and markers, Internet, etc.).

SRA International is a volunteer organization. No reimbursement or stipends are being offered.

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