EPDC Recognition

Education and Professional Development Committee Recognition

The Best Concurrent Session award was established in 1996 and the Best Webinar in 2016. The Best Concurrent Session award honors the best concurrent session held at the SRAI Annual Meeting from the previous year. Award winners are based on session evaluations and thus reflect "the people's choice." The first Best Concurrent award was presented in 1997 for the best concurrent session given at the 1996 SRAI Annual Meeting.

Best Concurrent Session Award Winners

2020: Shemia Jackson, Nicole Jenkins, and Alexa Van Dalsem

2019: Marjorie Piechowski

2018: Thomas Burns 

2017: Jason Guilbeault 

2016: M. Fran Stephens

Best Webinar Award Winners

2021: Dominic Esposito and Amy Sikalis; Karen Mullin

2020: Kimberly Pratt

2019: James E. Riddle

2018: Alex Weekes and Kristin Thompson-Scroggin 

2017: Angela Sherman

2016: Kevin Titus

2015: William Helmrath and Chad Restrick

2014: Minessa Konecky and Eleanor Greene

2013: Cindy Kiel

2012: Stephen Murphy

2011: David King and Mathew Hawthorne

2010: Scott Boots

2009: Cindy Kiel and Eileen Morgan

2008: Dwight Ball, Chris Wilson and Karen Wilson

2007: Edward F. Gabriele

2006: Sheila Vrana

2005: Cindy Kiel

2001: Edward F. Gabriele

2000: Edward F. Gabriele

1998: Frederick Blue and Bob Geiger

1996: Michael McCallister