Knowledge Sharing & Mentoring

Knowledge Sharing & Mentoring

Actively participate in your society by sharing your specialized skills or professional expertise.



Participating in SRAI events offers an invaluable opportunity to share your insights and expertise as a speaker. Whether it's through an Online Training Intensive, Webinar, Section Meeting, or the Annual Meeting, volunteering to present allows you to actively contribute to the professional development of your peers while collaborating with like-minded professionals in the field of research administration.

  • Conference Session Proposal Presenter - refer to Section and Annual meeting web pages for more details.


SRAI offers diverse writing opportunities for its members, including the Catalyst page, which serves as a platform for insightful commentary and discussions on research administration. Members also have the chance to showcase their work through symposium poster authorship, presenting their research findings to a wider audience. The Journal for Research Administration provides a prestigious avenue for scholarly contributions, fostering dissemination and exchange of cutting-edge research in the field.


Engaging in SRAI's Odyssey Program offers an enriching mentoring opportunity, providing a platform to share your knowledge and expertise while guiding aspiring professionals in research administration towards their career goals. Additionally, SRAI's Author Fellowship Program empowers members to delve deeper into scholarly pursuits, offering support and resources to advance their research and publication endeavors.

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