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Ready Writing Program to Teach Students Common Core Writing Standards

To assist students from grades 2 to 5 to meet Common Core writing standards, a new-research based program is now available by the name of Ready Writing. The program will give teachers specific development resources and instructional materials to make it easier for students to meet certain writing standards. Interestingly, the elementary grade students have never been so hard-pressed before to conduct extensive research to write the academic assignments – this was only a case with high school students, but the Common Core has changed everything.

With this shift, it is more important than ever to introduce a new way of teaching, and Ready Writing is the way to go actually because it explains the focus of each lesson through systematic instruction that simplifies the research and writing process for teachers and students alike. With Ready Writing, the chances are that students will not be using the best essay writing service ​to handle their assignments because they will now be able to handle research work more proficiently. It introduces the instructional model that carefully divides the complex CCSS into smaller, manageable segments.

It is worth mentioning that each lesson in this program focuses on a mentor text that explains the organization and structure of exemplary writing. After analyzing the text, students can work with a 'writing buddy', which in turn helps a lot in the development of strong writing skills. Here, an eight-step less can be found that offers clear instruction for source-based writing, including finding text-based evidence, planning, revising, and editing.

Ready Writing program will now offer a Teacher Resource Book as well that explains how educators can deal with the common writing standards in an effective manner. Moreover, there are different packages, like the Achievement Classroom Package that includes a Teacher Resource Boo, 25 Student Instruction Books, and a yearly access to the Online Teacher Toolbox. The resource book will become available in November.

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