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Life Essay

What Is a Life Essay? A life essay is a popular choice for students because they can draw on personal beliefs and experiences in order to write it. Students have to be clear on what they intend for the reader to understand, however, and not just write a stream of consciousness. Like any other sort of academic paper, the life essay has to begin with an opinion in the form of a thesis statement, and use the ‘evidence’ (in this case the writer’s experience or ideas) to support this statement.

Life Essay Subjects Because this type of assignment is so broad, students can tackle it from a variety of angles:

  • Religious
  • Scientific (biology/chemistry)
  • Moral
  • Political
  • Philosophical

To start coming up with attractive topics, students should ask ‘big’ questions and then narrow down to something of particular interest to them. Some questions students can ask are: When did life begin? What is a human life worth? Do people need to suffer to feel alive? What is most important in life – achievement or love? Does a person’s outlook affect their life and how?

This type of writing requires strong language skills and the discipline to stick to the topic and prove a thesis statement. Some students may find it more difficult to work on such an essay because they are unsure of their ideas or because they are not confident about their writing style.

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