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Best Dog Breeds for Depression

Emotional support animals (ESA) is the best way to cure depression and anxiety. Research shows that ESA becomes the best companion for those who are fighting against mental and emotional disabilities. For people who feel loneliness and isolate themselves, only ESA works well in this situation. Emotional support animal certification is required for getting an ESA.Health advisor can direct you about how to get an emotional support animal.

Some people take the dog as an ESA. Mental health experts also suggest that dogs can help you to fight against depression. They become the best ESA and easily develop a bond with their owner.

A legally register emotional support dog provides therapeutic benefits and helps in both mental and physical health. Dogs are active, and they encourage their owner to do outdoor activities. Research shows that dog ownership lowers cholesterol, blood pressure, and controls heart rate.

The dogs offer companionship and comfort and can help to reduce loneliness, depression, and anxiety. They become your loving friends and brighten your every day. Some dog breeds are trained in hunting, and they are extremely beneficial.

If you want to get a dog for emotional support and don’t know what type of breed is suitable for you. Don’t worry, here is a list of emotional support animals that can become your best ESA. Choose from them and make your life stress-free.  

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is the best dog that can help you to fight against depression and anxiety. They are loyal and friendly. This type of breed is easy to train and best for families with kids. Their even-tempered nature makes them the best emotional support dog. If you have a legal ESA letter, then you will easily live with your pet.First sort out how to groom your dog at home.

They require grooming and also need a daily walk. When you adopt a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, one thing keeps in mind is that they need proper grooming and have to provide good care. They enjoy spending time with kids and other dogs and also love long walks with their owners.  

Labrador Retriever

Labrador retriever is the bigger and the most famous dog breed. They are very friendly and love swimming. Labrador loves outdoor activities and encourages the owner to take them out. Labs are energetic and happy. They are loyal to their owner. Labs are the best dog breed for rescue work, but they have some health issues like hip, elbow, and joint problems. It is important to start training them as puppies. With an ESA registration for housing, you can live with a Labrador retriever without paying any additional fee.


Poodles are cute, and they become the best ESA for kids. They are active and provide several health benefits to its owner. Poodles are born performers, and they have a high level of intelligence. This type of breed loves around their person, and they are super social. Poodles live longer than other dog breeds. 

They also require grooming like Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Poodles are best to fight against depression. But before adopting, one thing to know is that they do not need a lot of space. They come in all shapes and sizes. Poodles are easily socialized with people and other dogs.   

Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers love to swim, run, and an ideal pet for those who are dealing with depression and anxiety. They can help to boost the cardiovascular health of their owner. Like Labrador retrievers, they are also best for search and rescue work. Golden retrievers are friendly, intelligent, and loyal to their human companion.  ESA registration makes your pet legally an emotional support animal.

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkies are loyal, loveable, and trainable dog breeds. They are a great companion for fighting against depression and anxiety. Yorkies require a lot of time from their owner. They are known for being affectionate and energetic. Yorkshire terrier is small in size, and they are the best type of dog for those who live in an apartment and don’t have an outdoor space. Yorkies are hypoallergenic and can be snappy around kids. Put a martingale dog collar to your dog for flourishing explanation.    


Vizsla is quickly developing a bond with humans and an excellent companion for those who deal with depression. If you are away from home for a long time, Vizsla is not the best choice. They need proper time and care. Vizslas are known for loyalty, and they like outdoor activities like running and walking.  


Pugs are adorable, and they are easy to train. They live to love and need two to three brisk walks every day. Pugs are best for children, and they are full of fun. This dog breed loves outdoor games and becomes your best emotional support animal who suffers from depression and anxiety. Pugs are playful, and with proper training, they become the great ESA.  

American Pitbull

American Pitbulls are loyal and devoted animals. This sensitive pup makes a wonderful emotional support dog.Give your dog healthiest dog food. Before adopting this breed as an ESA, check the state laws. American Pitbulls are the best dog breed for reducing depression. Their loving nature makes the owner happy and satisfied.

American Staffordshire Terrier

They are also known as Am-Staffs. They are incredible emotional support companions. American Staffordshire Terriers are smart, confident, and loyal. They love to play and will be great with children, dogs, and strangers. This breed requires less exercise than Golden Retrievers. American Staffordshire Terriers are the best comforters and protectors. Get an ESA letter online and easily live and travel with American Staffordshire Terriers.


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