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Meet SRAI Leadership: Awards Committee

By SRAI News posted 08-14-2019 03:11 PM


Annedorte Vad
Authored by Annedorte Vad
Head of CBS Research Support Office
Copenhagen Business School

In each monthly issue of the Catalyst, the “Meet SRAI Leadership” column introduces you to the SRAI leadership, committee members and volunteers. This virtual platform serves as a good starting base for meeting the members of the SRAI community. This is a great opportunity to get to know each other and we at the Catalyst want to hear from you! Share your story! Contact us to be featured in a future column, or nominate a co-worker or colleague to share their story.

Per SRAI Bylaws, the committees of the Society organize and utilize the expertise of members to carry out the mission and purposes of the Society.  Standing and special committees are responsible to the Board of Directors. Ad hoc committees and task forces are responsible to the President.

In this issue, we introduce you to Annedorte Vad, chair of the Awards Committee, member of the Board of Directors and a long term SRAI member. The SRAI Awards committee offers individuals a number of opportunities to be acknowledged and honored for their remarkable contributions to the research administration & management profession and to the Society. The SRAI awards recipients are acknowledged each year during the annual meeting. For more information on the SRAI awards and previous awards recipients, visit the SRAI Awards information page

How many years have you been in Research Administration and when did you become a member of SRAI?
22 years in RA and since 2012 member of SRAI.

Why did you decide to become a member of SRAI?
I was introduced to SRA by a colleague. I liked the idea that SRA had an international focus and actively looked for volunteers. At my first meeting, I went up to the newly elected president of my section and volunteered. Since then things got hectic and I have since been President for the International Section, Annual meeting thread-chair, track-chair, and co-chair. I joined the board in 2014 as an ad-hoc member and in 2016 as an at large board member. I like how to open SRAI is to people who want to engage and all the different levels you can commit to. From smaller jobs for instance in relation to a meeting to the strategic development of a certain topic by joining a committee.

What does volunteering mean for you?
It is fun! It is also a great platform for professional development and gained skills I can use for the better of SRAI as well as my own organization. I have built an extensive professional network with colleagues from all over the world and – and on top of that, I have made new friends, whom I love to stay in touch with online and at meetings. In short; volunteering is a win-win-win-win situation.

Tell us something that people doesn’t know about you?
I am also a divemaster and I love playing games – both old fashioned board games, computer games or online with friends.

What makes you smile?
Most things. I have a very optimistic outlook on life. I love what I do, my job, my family, my friends, traveling, playing board games – if something makes me not smile I usually feel better after a night’s sleep – or I will tackle the problem by addressing it.

What is your life philosophy?
I am not sure I really have one as such. But I often refer to a combination of two Danish proverbs. Individually they state that not all things are easy but put together they make a very positive statement. Life is not just cake – it is also dance on roses. Using the English proverbs it would probably be something like Life is no walk in the park – it is also a bed of roses.