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Future of the Field: Time to Shine a Light on that Rising Star

By SRAI News posted 03-10-2021 11:27 AM



Future of the Field: Time to Shine a Light on that Rising Star!

We have worked alongside them for years, zoom with them several times a week, watched them take on extra assignments, attend webinars (maybe lead a few), travel to conferences, and volunteer to be on working committees. These bright, dedicated, knowledgeable research administration professionals have chosen Research Administration as their career path, dedicated to taking the field to the next level, and its time they received some recognition!

SRAI is introducing the Future of the Field -- aimed at those research admins who are the up-and-coming leaders of the profession and will take the field in new and exciting directions. We want to show these individuals that we have our eyes on them, and we know that they will be the “movers and shakers” for the next years and decades to come. 

SRAI wants to know more about you! Whether you are a current SRAI member or a “not yet, just hearing great things from a colleague”, or a “wow, I didn’t know about you, tell me more”, we want you to tell us about you and how you have been contributing to research administration. Or maybe you know a great colleague who has worked under the radar, but has really shown their stuff, and some recognition by SRAI could really give them a boost (not to mention look good on their resume... or to their boss).  

Now’s the chance to help the Future of the Field get off to a great start in its inaugural year!  The nominations are open until April 15th and the applicants have until April 30 to submit.  The finalists will be announced in June.  And, get this, the finalists will be recognized at the annual conference in New Orleans in October!

Remember, you can nominate yourself (yes, do it!)  or someone else, and the nominee/applicant can be an SRAI member or non-member.  So visit the website and watch the rising star shine their light.


Authored by Karin Knowles, Grant Administrator
San Francisco State University