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SRAI 2021 Symposium Spotlights Research and Process Development in Action

By SRAI News posted 11-10-2021 03:14 PM


SRAI 2021 Symposium Spotlights Research and Process Development in Action

Professional poster presentations at the SRAI Annual Meeting highlight the work research administrators across the globe are doing to create innovation and new ideas for the profession. 

This year at the SRAI Annual Meeting in New Orleans seven individuals presented posters at the 2021 Poster Symposium. The contributed professional posters are designed to advance and enrich the body of knowledge of research administration and management as an art and science. Selected published posters represent contributions to the field of research administration and advance our body of knowledge, research, and promising practices. Posters presented covered topics related to equal opportunity and gender bias in research support, responsible conduct of research, using data to inform strategy, capacity building, and responsible research evaluation. A special thank you to all of our poster presenters for their excellent work and contribution to the 2021 annual meeting. In addition, thank you to our onsite Symposium Committee: Jessica Rowell, Ranita Chakrabarti, Nana Oye Akuffo, and Marcus Johnson. 

Posters can be viewed online here: 

2021 Best Poster Presentation:
Where’s the Data? Take a Trip on the Data Road to Informed Decisions
Authors: Nicholas Angeloni, Joseph Boes, Fruma Yehiely, Northwestern University 

2021 People’s Choice Award:
Equal Opportunities in Academic Research Development? Faculty Gender Bias and Stereotypes in Research Administration
Author: Holly Zink, University of Kansas Medical Center 

Additional posters presentations included:
Ultimate Guide to Purchasing a Clinical Research Participant Payment System - 10 Areas to Consider
Authors: Joe Gough, Tori Boylan, Ian Malpass, Greenphire 

Research Misconduct: Consequences Oh My!!!
Author: Laura Pattillo, Auburn University/EFLT 

Perception Gap on Research Integrity among Members of Research Institutions
Authors: Masato Miyake, Masataka Murasawa, Rei Nouchi
Representing: Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Hiroshima University, & Shinshu University 

Capacity Building Grants- A Springboard to Innovation in Research Administration
Authors: Griselda Annan, Isabella Rockson
Representing: Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research & University of Ghana Medical School 

Evaluating Responsibly Using SCOPE
Authors: Elizabeth Gadd, Laura Himanen
Representing: INORMS Research Evaluation Working Group, University of Glasgow, & Tampere University

Authored by Baron G. Wolf, Assistant Vice President for Research Strategy & Data Analytics, Office of the Vice President for Research
University of Kentucky
SRAI Symposium Committee Chair


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