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Note from the Editor | Optimism and Resilience for the New Year

By SRAI News posted 12-09-2021 09:32 AM


Note from the Editor | Optimism and Resilience for the New Year

As we approach the holiday season and reach the end of the second year of a world-wide pandemic, the Catalyst salutes you, our readers, for your optimism and resilience, and we invite you to take the time to celebrate the good things of life with family and friends. 

But before you rush off to your various office parties, events and personal gatherings (virtual or otherwise), you won’t want to miss this edition of the Catalyst! It’s a clear demonstration that we have many things to celebrate in the advancement of our profession and in personal accomplishments. 

In the View from the Top, SRAI President Debra Schaller-Demers encourages us to spend time with loved ones over the holidays while reminding us of upcoming educational offerings in the new year. 

Floris van der Leest, lays out the value of an office newsletter for connecting and informing colleagues.  Marcia Landen, Carly Pigg and Tyler Tulloch provide helpful insights on succession planning. On the clinical side, Jason Claes reports on an efficiency review of processes for transferring a research drug from the main pharmacy to transfusion sites. And Mark Lucas reports on the secret skills that research administrators need (Master Yoda, anyone?) 

Don’t forget to check out Ian Carter and Amy Sikalis’ article on the Senior Executive Institute and other articles on upcoming section meetings and conferences. And the list goes on…. 

We will connect again in January, but in the meantime, Happy Holidays and best wishes for 2022!

Authored by Terry Campbell, Assistant Vice President, Research Services
University of Ottawa
SRAI Catalyst Co-editor